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Karis K. WILSON New York University ProvostFalculty Postdoctoral Fellow (10).png

Dr. Karis K. Wilson provided with approximately $5,000 research budget for undergraduate research assistants at NYU.

Dr. Wilson has been allocated a budget of approximately $5,000 to establish a research team of paid undergraduate research assistants. This team is dedicated to her research program as an assistant professor/faculty fellow at NYU, with funding provided by the Office of the Provost through collaboration with the NYU inaugural Undergraduate Research Director, Dr. Ethan Youngerman.

Dr. Wilson's accomplishments to date, as they relate to the development of her research team, include:

  • Assessing her research program and goals to contribute to timely peer-reviewed research article submissions to high-ranked disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals.

  • Merging grant acquisition and business development skills and acumen to effectively manage and distribute a budget of funds that meet rigorous and robust research goals, ensuring feasibility.

  • Continuing to develop important research expertise, specializations, and professorial skills for academic and industry-based research approaches.

  • Understanding the entities that enable hiring, skills training, upskilling, and reskilling of students through their engagement in New York University faculty research via official paid job roles.

This initiative not only enhances the academic experience for students at NYU but also adds a valuable credentialing dimension. Moreover, this endeavor contributes to networking and partnership development, preparing students for careers in industry or academia through hands-on learning opportunities, early career job roles, and exposure to real-world challenges.

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