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Dr. Karis K. Wilson is an Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow at New York University (NYU). She is a researcher in the NYU Public Interest Tehcnology Alliance. She is a part of the Provost's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Karis's research resides at the intersection of organizational communication, technology, and health.

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University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY

2013 - 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communication | Minor Communication

Dr. Wilson graduated in 2017 (cum laude) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Strategic Communication from the University of Kentucky. Her studies and training focused on account management. Her minor was in communication, specializing in workplace, health, and sport communication.

University of Kentucky| Lexington, KY 

2017 - 2019

Master of Arts in Communication

Dr. Wilson continued her academic journey at the University of Kentucky, earning a Master of Arts degree in Communication in 2019. During this time, she focused on organizational communication, also graduating cum laude. 

The University of Oklahoma| Norman, OK

2019 - 2024

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication

Dr. Wilson completed her doctorate in communication in 2024. Her specialization and expertise lie in organizational, technology, and health communication. She created and founded the "Construct and Confront" framework. 

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