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Research and Legal Involvement

In addition to my research pursuits, I have also ventured into the legal field, seeking to apply my expertise and contribute to legal proceedings. I believe in the intersection of communication and the law and have actively engaged in experiences that bridge academia and the courtroom.

Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

Limited Document Reviews and Shadowing 

One of my early experiences in the legal field involved interning in a consultative role with a company that was working with the Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta. This company sought assistance from the Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta to strategically build their volunteer legal work and mitigate liability risks related to their events. During my internship, I had the privilege of sitting in on a call between the company owner and the Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta. The purpose of the call was to discuss document updates and identify any missing components. This experience provided me with valuable insights into the complexities of legal communication and its impact on strategic decision-making.

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Court Systems

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

In a more extensive and involved role, I served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the Court Appointed Special Advocates of OKC. Over a period of eight months, I dedicated myself to advocating for the well-being and best interests of two children in Oklahoma City. As a CASA, I actively participated in court hearings, including adjudication and deposition, where I presented findings and evidence to support the children's best interests.

During this time, I also had the opportunity to shadow a case in which the state uncovered instances of the abusive use of technology resources to exploit young children. This experience further enhanced my aptitude in asking child-appropriate and sensitive questions, ensuring that I interacted with the children in a manner that fostered trust, comfort, and a safe space for them to express themselves.

I undertook the responsibility of reviewing and taking extensive notes related to the case, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the children's circumstances. Drawing upon these comprehensive notes, I crafted in-depth and explicit court reports tailored specifically to The Honorable Judge Thomas Risen. These reports aimed to provide a thorough analysis of the case and present compelling arguments that supported the best interests of the children.

Throughout the CASA case, I worked closely with relevant stakeholders, including social workers, attorneys, and other professionals involved in the legal proceedings. By collaborating effectively and communicating crucial information, I played a vital role in facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the case's nuances.

By actively engaging in the review process, note-taking, shadowing, and producing tailored court reports, I ensured that The Honorable Judge Thomas Risen had access to all the pertinent information necessary to make informed decisions in the best interests of the children involved.

Legal Collaboration and Consultation

I am eager to collaborate with law firms, legal professionals, and other stakeholders who recognize the value of communication theories, extensive literature review experience, and the expertise gained through pursuing a Ph.D. While I may not yet have a vast portfolio of research publications, my dedication to rigorous inquiry and my ability to apply my knowledge to real-world contexts make me a valuable asset in legal proceedings.

Whether you require assistance in analyzing complex communication dynamics, crafting persuasive arguments grounded in scholarly research, or leveraging communication strategies to strengthen your cases, I am ready to contribute my expertise. My unique combination of research acumen, practical experience, and a deep understanding of communication theories positions me to make meaningful contributions to legal teams and to help drive successful outcomes.

I invite law firms and legal professionals to reach out to me to explore potential collaborations, whether it involves providing expert opinions, offering strategic guidance, or utilizing my comprehensive literature review experience to inform case strategies. Together, we can leverage the power of effective communication to achieve desired outcomes and further the pursuit of justice.

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