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Organizational Communication
Health Communication

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--------- Doctoral Student 

Karis K. Wilson 

The primary goal and foci of my research and consulting work consist of understanding organizational stakeholder groups and pursuing and developing data driven strategies that align with the organizations mission.  In addition, I help organizations ensure its mission statement runs parallel with employee workplace assignments and task to achieve optimal and desired results.

More specifically the types of qualitative and mix-method research studies conducted to achieve such results include:

  • Assessing how childhood traumas impact organizational communitive performance in peer-to-peer, supervisor-to-subordinate, and employee-to-customer interactions in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

    • specifically looking at trauma impacted individuals and how they perform workplace assignments or task while in the primary, secondary and tertiary phases of the trauma experience. ​

  • Assessing how to improve social support in midlevel managers-to subordinate relationships as well as C-Suite executive to midlevel managers with the primary focus to increase retention and minimize turnover

  • I research and evaluate social support efforts in the following areas:

    • Emotional ​

    • Instrumental

    • Informational 

    • Appraisal 

  • Collectively I look for correlations between overall organizational performance, and employees who've experience childhood traumas and/or lack of social support and how it is linked to societal use of social services such as food pantry usage.  

When conducting research for organizations (for-profit or not-for-profit), I am typically looking at four stakeholder groups which include employees, clients, donors, and volunteers. 

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Click here to access my curriculum vitae/resume.

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Click here to see consulting client results and portfolio (coming soon). 

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