More Reading, Less Video Watching: How to Keep Up With "Career" Trends!


Current Reads:

Here, I’ve included a list of either current reads or written works I intend to read in the near future. I hope you find these different resources as helpful as I have.

As the world and many businesses begin to make a shift toward utilizing more business strategies which depend on technology and research, I want to encourage you to look into the late, James McGann’s work. Especially, the annual Global Go To Think Tank Index, which ranks think tanks from all over the world. Another cool note is he (James McGann), has been credited with coining the term Think Tank Row, which is located on Massachusetts Avenue NW in Washington DC.

This reading list is helpful for those of you who are interested in learning about how the way industry, academia, and the world overall is changing as it relates to research and positioning yourself to find your purpose and the career path you feel most passionate about.

In short, I am always searching for interesting reads (via the internet), to make myself a more competitive, dynamic, and forward-thinking researcher. The goal should always be to continue working on your craft so you can give back and provide value for others while also feeling fulfilled.

Happy reading!

1. Book Forwarded by Microsoft Researcher, Dr. Nancy Baym: Creator Culture (

2. Brookings: U.S.-China technology competition (

3. U of Penn and James G. McGann collaborative work: TTCSP Global Go To Think Tank Index Reports | Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) | University of Pennsylvania (

4. World renowned AI and deep learning expert, Yoshua Bengio: Bringing future societal impact into present incentives - Yoshua Bengio

5. Microsoft Researcher, Tarleton Gillespie: Custodians of the Internet | Yale University Press

As I find more interesting reads or tools/info that may be helpful, I will update this post.

Karis K. Wilson


What are feeling most worried about as it relates to your career? Leave your comments in the comment section below!

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